The American founders and overseers of this ministry are Doug and Roberta Moore, International Messengers missionaries, who have been living and serving in Romania since the summer of 1998.

Their role is to communicate and maintain the original vision and overall scope of this ministry as they oversee the daily operating of the work. They work together with their staff team, making the vision into a reality and helping it to grow, as God leads and directs.


River of Life Christian Care Home


This maternal care home is the core of the River of Life ministries. It serves as a home for women in need who want to be able to keep their babies and children and not abort or abandon them. It is a home of love, encouragement and guidance, where over 135 women and children have found a haven of refuge and hope.

The women who are admitted into the care home aren’t here just because of an unplanned pregnancy; they have absolutely no other option of a place to live or way to survive. They come from generational cycles of abuse and dysfunction; have no family support system, low IQ’s, little or no education, job skills or social skills and they and their children are socially and medically at risk.



Evangelistic Youth Camp

We host evangelistic summer camps for children, teens and young adults at a camp facility located on the care home property.



Village Ministries

We distribute used clothing, eyeglasses, and handicapped aide equipment to needy families in several area villages. We are committed to serving several village churches and their youth programs.


 Elderly Care & Housing


We host an elderly day program one day per week. As we’ve worked with the elderly, we’ve seen the need to build several small homes on the care home property for elderly women who are no longer able to care for themselves adequately or whose families are no longer able to care for them.

Our hope is to house in each small home a mother and her children with one or two elderly women. With the property being next to the current care home, our staff will continue to oversee and mentor the moms, as well as to provide necessary medical intervention, proper care and meals, for the elderly. Several of our care home moms and staff have already received training and are certified to care for the elderly.




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