Short-Term Mission Teams

Over the years, approximately 1,500 people of all ages and nationalities have volunteered their help at the River of Life Ministry Care Homes and theteams various ministry outreaches we are involved in. Help with construction projects and maintenance is always needed, as well as, help with the day to day activities with the children, moms and elderly living in the care homes.

We offer a unique mission experience for people of all ages and interests.

  • A great experience for families and youth groups
  • Work projects
  • Care Home ministry with moms and children
  • Evangelistic youth camps and village outreaches
  • Specialized ministry designed and geared for your team’s particular interest and abilities

We are experienced at planning, together with your team leader, effective, viable, necessary, and meaningful ways to serve at River of Life, around the particular talents, giftings, and interests of the individual team members on each unique mission team.

(Ideas for team members include things like: construction projects; welding; parenting classes; practical life skills for moms and children—cooking lessons, crochet, sewing, piano lessons; outdoor games and activities; and much more!)

If you or your church are interested in finding out more about what we can offer your team, please contact us.

“For the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and will guide them to springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.” Revelations 7:17










River of Life Christian Care Home

This maternal care home began as the core of River of Life ministries. It serves as a home of love, encouragement and guidance, for needy pregnantmomskids teens and women who want to be able to keep their babies and children and not abort or abandon them, but need support to be able to do so.

The pregnant teens and women who are admitted into the care home aren’t here just because of an unplanned pregnancy; they have absolutely no other option of a place to live or way to survive. They come from generational cycles of abuse and dysfunction; have no family support system, little or no education, job skills or social skills and they and their children are socially and medically at risk.

Romania has the highest abortion rate and child abandonment rate in all of Europe and also leads Europe in human trafficking. The types of teens, women and children we serve are the most at risk to be included in these statistics.

Some of the pregnant women grew up in orphanages, lived on the streets, or came from abusive families. These women and their children require intensive intervention to enable them to function at a level that affords them a meaningful and productive life. Of the mothers and children that come to the Care Home, 80% stay for one year or less while 5% have stayed for five years or more.

We have always felt that everyone who comes here is someone the Lord has drawn here because He is at work in their lives, and joyfully, we have seen this to be true!


 "Maria" Elderly Care Homeelderlycare

"Maria" House is an assisted living elderly care home, located on River of Life property, for needy Romanian women, who are in the last months or years of their lives. 

Two mothers, who are certified and experienced in caring for the elderly, live in this home, with their children. The mothers care for up to four elderly women full time, providing meaningful work for the moms in exchange for their families' room and board. 

Having the willing and genuine help of these women helps us as a ministry and helps them as well. They receive the assistance they need to raise their children as they in turn serve others. Our existing staff continue to oversee and mentor the moms, as well as to oversee necessary medical intervention and provide meals for the elderly.



 River of Life “Emanuel” Children’s Foster Care Home

Unfortunately, even with help and support, some mothers are unable or unwilling to stay with their children and raise them well.

 "Emanuel" Children's Foster Home is for children under the protection of a court order, providing them with a safe, stable, and loving Christian home environment, located within the River of Life Ministry grounds.

Options are very limited for such children in this society. There are no foreign adoptions and only a very small percentage of children are adopted by Romanians. A residential Christian Children’s Home is one of the best options available, offering safety, stability, and the best possibility of a hopeful outcome for these children.


ROL Community Outreachesoutreach

River of Life Ministries is involved in a variety of evangelistic community outreaches throughout the year which include: 

  • Two church plants which host programs for women and children as well as evangelistic events for the villages.
  • Distributing clothing and supplies throughout the year to needy elderly and families in three different villages, plus preparing and giving out approx. 400 gift packages each Christmas.
  • Hosting an elderly day program, one day per week, for elderly women from two villages.  


River of Life Ministry Accounts and Donation Information

You can make a difference! 87% of the donations we receive in support of ROL come from individual donors and 13% of ROL funding comes through church donations.

The following details each ministry account attached to River of Life and shows how the funds are used:

MDM is Doug and Roberta Moore’s ministry account. This is our original ministry account with IM and we use it to fund all aspects of the River of Life ministry besides our ministry travel expenses, our minimal wage (needed for our visas) and health insurance.

ZRM is the ministry account for the River of Life (ROL) Care Home monthly operating expenses. We need consistent, reliable, and steady donations in this account each month to be able to pay our staff’s wages and pay for food, health care and monthly necessities of the mothers and children living in the Care Home.

ZRH is the ROL heating fund ministry account, which we use for firewood and propane.

ZMF is the ministry account for general maintenance and renovation costs. Our monthly operating budget per month for ROL hasn’t been sufficient to cover all the building maintenance needs, including bathroom and kitchen renovations, replacing old windows, repainting, or providing for appliances when they wear out or break down.

ZCE is the Care Home children’s education fund ministry account for their school expenses. We have 12 children going to 4 different schools starting in the September 2016 school year.

ZEH is the ministry account for the “Maria House” assisted living Elderly Care Home. This account provides funds for the monthly operating expenses of this home. There are currently 4 elderly women being cared for in this home.

ZCH is the account for the ongoing expenses of running “Emanuel”, our foster home for children, which was completed in 2015.

XCZ is the ministry account for Cristi Zah, our Romanian administrative director for ROL, a part of our management team and board of directors. He also pastors a church in Fibis, Romania. He is on staff with International Messengers. This ministry account supports his wages and ministry expenses.

If you would like to donate (tax deductible) funds to this ministry:

For Canadian Donors go here: Canadian Donors

Be sure to indicate which ROL Ministry Account you are donating to by including the appropriate three letter code given above.

For U.S. Donors go here: US Donors

Be sure to indicate which ROL Ministry Account you are donating to by including the appropriate three letter code given above.