Family Camps are a variation of the regular Evangelistic English Language Camp. This type of camp allows the European believers to invite unbelieving neighbors and friends with families to a camp setting where they can all work on their English and spend time with their families. This gives these European members a chance to share the Gospel in a comfortable, relaxed setting and also provides them time to interact with their kids. Schedules are busy with some parents working more than one job, so time away with their children is rare and provides them a unique opportunity to be with their families.

During the time that the teens and adults meet throughout the day, the children meet in a separate location. There will be worship time, Bible stories, English studies, outdoor activities, games, crafts and other “Summer Bible School” type activities. This is a place to plug in your own children into ministry. The team puts together the materials needed for this ministry from their church. Three or four team members are assigned to the children. Our staff will arrange for some local teens and/or moms to help with this ministry.



Daily Camp Schedule

7:30 am          Team Devotional & Prayer Meeting
8:30 am          Worship
9:15 am          English Bible Reading Time
11:00 am        English Study Time
1:00 pm          Mid-day Meal Time for Relationship Building and for Family
4:00 pm          Optional Bible Study
5:00 pm          Conversation Time
6:30 pm          Evening Meal
7:30 pm          Activity Time - everyone together
9:00 pm          Worship & Relationship Building


There are opportunities for teams in several countries including Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.



Contact our office for more information on how you can participate in a family camp. Call 604-855-4433 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..